Brochure design
Client / The University of Bristol in collaboration with the Wellbeing Settlement, Feminist Archive South and Arts and Humanities Research Council

Context / Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) was formed in the 1990s by a group of Bristol women who wanted to make life better for one-parent families. 
It was an honour to be commissioned to design an interactive online brochure to spread the message about this important and ahead of their time grassroots organisation.

Main criteria for the design was that it has to be abstract and inclusive, but not over representational, in order to reflect diversity, bright ideas and historical context.

The final choice was given to the Memphis design inspired funky pattern which goes well with infographics and text. 

To view full online brochure visit ︎ here

To know more about the SPAN project, please visit: ︎ https://www.thespanproject.org.uk/

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